#EXO @EXOEconomy Success Stories Map 2021


Dear Members of the OpenEXO Community

The ExO Economy Team invite you to see the SUCCESS STORIES interacting with the TOKEN EXOS. where we would like to show you different people, entrepreneurs, business, and organizations who are already using and accepting our TOKEN EXOS ;) and you can stay in touch with them accessing the abundance.

The updated sitemap: https://maphub.net/exoeconomy/exo-economy-success-stories-map-2021 

Would you like to be on the map?

Send us your Story to https://forms.gle/nKnEgG4FsWNRcDQ38

The First Succes Stories 2021

International Center 

We are being active users of the EXOS token as a service provider for people who want to learn English and Spanish.

We accept EXOS for coach and consultancy services https://www.linkedin.com/in/angeloortega/

Contact: Angelo Ortega angelo@internationalcenter.cl

Rutanio Marketplace 

In the Rutanio marketplace you can find innovative and creative professionals working with digital technologies. EXOS and RUTAS tokens are some of the complementary currencies used in Rutanio Marketplace.


Oscar Schmitz; Advisor Services 

I have received EXOs Token related to advisor services in EXO Platform.

My team and community use EXO Token to manage value activities without money exchange.

Contact: Oscar Schmitz https://www.oscarschmitz.com/p/contacto.html 

Boston ExO 

Global Exponential Mindset Transformation



El camino digital que todas las pymes necesitan.Somos una plataforma que conecta las pymes con talentos digitales, para acompañarlas a lo largo de todo el camino digital, definido en 5 niveles y 7 rápidos y flexibles pasos.

Economía Hermana de Rutanio y Open Exo.

Contacto: https://www.divergenti.cl/

EHSI Health 

Extended Health Span Digital Health Platform to transform sick care into health care via prediction and prevention.


Niki Faldemolaei 

Founder Extended Health Span Index, Co-Founder Predict Health, Bodytune, ExO Mktg Director, Trainer, Consultant, SingularityU Leadership, Abundance 360


IT Labs 

We are technology agnostic, and everything that we do from data science to DevOps has a proactive intent for innovation.


My Bodytune Vascular Health 

At home device to record auditory sensing of Carotid blood flow. Use cases in neurology, cardiology, pulmonary vascular health.


Mana TechHub

Use of Exos to get advice of experts in Agritech and exponential techs 

For Mana TechHub (our MTP is: “until every urban farmer thrives”)

We Used Exo Tokens to have many advisory calls of different top minds in the whole world (almost): Australia, Europe, Latin America, North America. Regarding different technologies that we were envisioning for the technical solution and also to understand the reality of AgTechs,

This gave us great insights for understanding the problem and finding the technologies we could use to leverage exponentially the solution


Blockchain Developers 

Fluid Chains developers are paid with an innovative approach that includes FIAT, EXOS and rewards from the specific project they are involve.


Felipe Pacheco; Certificación EXO (earned certifications)

Comencé muy contento mis certificaciónes hasta lograr todas y ademas, ser embajador.

Use los EXOS TOKEN para ofrecerlos en las AWAKE sesion.

Regale a los asistentes EXOS por la participacion en la Awake que era abierta a todo publico en Coworking de Santiago de Chile.

Contact: fpacheco@bcchile.com

The next could be you!

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